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Fasteners, Bolts,1/2″-16 x 1-7/8″, Plain Steel Hex Bolts

Latest update : 2022.04.05

1/2"-16 x 1-7/8" Zinc Plated Steel Hex Head Axle Bolts

Bolts – Hex Bolts / Cap Screws – Zinc Hex Bolts

A shoulder screw differs from machine screws in that the shank is ground to a precise diameter, known as the shoulder, and the threaded portion is smaller in diameter than the shoulder. Shoulder bolt specifications call out the shoulder diameter, shoulder length, and threaded diameter; the threaded length is fixed, based on the threaded diameter, and usually quite short. It is usually used for revolving joints in mechanisms and linkages; when used as a guide for the stripper plate in a die set its called a stripper bolt.

1/2″-16 x 1-7/8″ Zinc Plated Steel Hex Head Axle Bolts

Diameter: 1/2″
Length: 1-7/8″
Material: Steel
Finish: Zinc
Head Style: Hex (Hex)
Thread Size: 16
Style: Axle Bolt
Type: Shoulder Bolt

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