Fastener Factory, Asia’s Largest Industrial Base

Asia’s Largest Industrial Base

FastenerQueen has strong connections with huge group of top ranked fastener manufactures in Asia. The key strength is that we have our own manufacture as our base, total area of 60,000 square meters of factory space, with over 1000 employees and fully automatic operation. Over 30 years experience of industrial production to achieve more than 5,000,000,000 pieces of annual production capacity including both standard and custom fasteners.

We produce a wide range of products, and our product range has evolved over the years. Our extremely knowledgeable staff that will assist with all of your fastener needs, from custom services to shipment, we will guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

At FastenerQueen, our mission is complete customer satisfaction. Our production control department will provide updates from receipt of your order through shipment and arrival. All services in one stop, FastenerQueen is the solution for all your fastener needs.

Our custom fasteners include the following:

Studs Hex cap screws
Washers Carriage bolts
Machine screws Plow bolts
Socket cap screws Nylon nuts
Socket set screws Hex nuts
Socket shoulder bolts Hex tap bolts
Self tapping screws Semi-tubular
Thread forming screws Solid rivets
Flange bolts Self Drilling screws
12 point flange bolts Sems screws
Wood screws

Fastener Factory Photo

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