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Latest update : 2022.04.19

A2 Stainless Steel Square Neck Carriage Bolts

A2 stainless steel square neck carriage bolts are designed for light-duty fastening. These bolts have a square neck that keeps the bolts from turning when the nut is tightened. The bolts’ round head provides a finished look and they come in a black oxide finish. A2 stainless square neck carriage bolts have good chemical resistance and are frequently used to fasten together pressure-treated lumber.

Custom Fasteners

We offer a wide range of materials for your fasteners to be made out of. Each material offers different benifits depending on how you are planing on using the fasterner. If you are not sure what material is best for your application contact as and we will be happy to help!

Custom Screws

Many non-standard fasteners can be produced by modifying an existing fastener, keeping costs and lead times to a minimum. If you need a standard product with, for example, a non-standard head diameter, thread length or pitch, we can supply it for you. We also supply custom made and special fixings.

Fastener Manufacturing Companies

At FastenerQueen we are particularly proud of our service to those difficult, or one-of-a-kind items; our machine shop facilities will manufacture special orders from your detailed blueprint specifications.

FastenerQueen offers the highest quality of threaded fasteners on the market today. Since 1985, we have provided superior service to our customers and have assisted them in achieving their goals. Our 30 years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best fastener distributors in our industry.

Screw Solutions

FastenerQueen serves virtually any industry, delivering the fasteners they need to connect their world. Our suppliers undergo a rigorous assessment and evaluation process to ensure our stringent quality requirements are met. FastenerQueen regularly audits our suppliers to ensure these quality requirements continue to be met on a consistent and ongoing basis. We also possess end-to-end supply chain capabilities, so we can act as a single source supplier for your fasteners.

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