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Taiwan International Fastener Show

Custom Fastener, Flanged softwood inserts, Allen drive, Metric threaded inserts & Rivet nuts, Threaded inserts

Latest update : 2022.04.24

FastenerQueen removes any roadblocks and hesitations, answers all your questions and helps you get started sourcing your parts globally. No shipment is too small whether you need a pallet, container or a mill shipment FastenerQueen has the solution for your growing business. Making U.S. companies competitive in today’s International Markets is our goal.

Manufacturing Services

Components Manufactured to Solve Your Specific Challenges

For certain industries and applications, specialized manufacturing processes and equipment are required to ensure optimum component performance and life cycle expectations. Our experienced team of experts works with you to create, refine, and optimize component designs to specific tolerances, performance requirements, and use cases. With extensive design for manufacturability (DFM) expertise, rapid prototyping, and the ability to scale to any volume, we’ll help you solve your most pressing challenges.

Accelerating Your New Product Development

It used to be that if you needed a component fast, you’d have to settle for a stock part and compromise on performance. Not any more. At FastenerQueen, we’ve accelerated the entire process of designing, developing, and manufacturing custom components. Put simply, we can help you get your products to market faster.

Simplifying Custom Part Complexity

It may be that you currently work with some suppliers for stock parts and others for custom components. You may even work with multiple vendors for each. With FastenerQueen, you can combine how you source both stock and custom components and simplify the entire process of how you buy, commission, and manage your part inventory.

Fastener Manufacturer Flanged softwood inserts, Allen drive

For a precise install depth during installation. Intended for use in softwood such as particle board, pine, and MDF. Commonly used in ready-to-assemble furniture. Allen (hex socket) drive is a six-sided recess for use with an Allen wrench (hex key).


Die cast zinc alloy

An alloy consisting of approximately 95% zinc alloyed with aluminum, copper and other elements for good corrosion resistance.

Can I get the same quality as domestic products?

You have probably already come to realize the cost savings offered by globally sourcing materials and components, but concerns about quality have made you hesitant. We have developed an effective quality assurance program to ensure product quality and durability. Onsite manufacturer visits, comprehensive testing and our prototype approval process allows you to set the high standards which you expect. Avoid the hassles of defective parts and fighting over quality certifications and take advantage of our independent testing laboratory. Technical Assistance and design engineering are available to provide assistance from prototype stage to production. Our suppliers are ISO, QS or TS certified with the ability to provide PPAP’s, MTR’s, etc…

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