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How to select screws for plastic joints

Latest update : 2022.11.29


Minimal radial stress

on plastic joints If you’re using fasteners with a low torque-to-diameter ratio, the screws might be too lose for your application. This is because of the minimal radial stress on plastic joints when there is a small load. If this is the case, then you should use fastener that has a higher torque-to-diameter ratio.

Optimal connection of plastic parts

The most common type of plastic joint used in the industrial market is the quick-mounting lever arm. This type of joint is normally used with a threaded rod and nut, which is tightened with a spanner wrench. However, this method requires an additional tool to connect the two parts together tightly. Many times, these types of joints are used when connecting plastic components, such as a plastic pipe or joint. The threads of the nut can create a tight connection between the two parts but there may not be enough room for a spanner wrench to reach them both at once. This often leads to inaccurate connections. However, if you want your connection to be accurate and secure, you should use screws instead of nuts. Screws are not only easier to install than nuts but also provide greater security because they spread the load over a larger area.

Low thread-forming torque

Fastener Queen’s screw is a great option for application where the joint is used to make a structural joint. This screw has a low thread-forming torque and it also has an easy-to-grip head that doesn’t cause any problems while feeding into the screw. Additionally, this screw has a high tensile strength which makes it suitable for use in long-term applications. For those who are looking for something more affordable, Fastener Queen also offers screws with a higher thread-forming torque. These screws can be purchased in bulk and they have lower manufacturing costs than the low thread-forming torque screws. For those working on projects that require smaller fasteners, Fastener Queen offers standard screws that offer consistent performance and superior quality. These screws have high tensile strengths and they also have an easy-to-grip head with a rounded shape. The variety of sizes available allow you to find the perfect fit for your application and fasteners in one purchase.

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