Custom Nuts

We handle items in both metric and inch sizes. We also supply steel (grade 2, 5 and 8), stainless steel (A2, A4, 300 series, 316, and 410), plastic, aluminum and titanium.

Our custom screws include:

FastenerQueen can supply the made to order fastener per your print. We handle a wide range of materials and custom made fasteners. We can make your fastener in carbon steel all the way to the exotic materials. We also have the capability to do large runs in the tens of thousands to short runs (washers, hex cap screws, and socket products). We can also handle many different plating specifications. FastenerQueen can do simple zinc (including RoHS, black, yellow), black oxide, waxing, Teflon ™, Magni 565 and 560, Chrysler plating specifications, and much more.

Our secondary operations include drilling holes, nylon patching, nylon pellets, and passivation to name a few. From small miniature machine screws to large diameter hex cap screws, we can supply your part per print. If you have a fastener you need, we can supply it.

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